MEDITATION in Peace Chapel at 9:45 AM  

SERVICES in Sanctuary at 10:30 AM 


BOOK STUDIES                                        Silent Collage


Twice a year in the Spring and Fall                     Once a quarter(See artist wall for more information)




Go to event calendar for scheduled dates for all events


EVERYDAY Heartland Happenings



              Wholeness Café after Sunday Service! 

Rev. Jackie hosts informal discussions of the Sunday lesson immediately after service in the café area of the sanctuary. 

Prayer and Meditation in our Peace Chapel 

The Peace Chapel is open each day when the building is open, Monday through Sunday. Anyone desiring to spend time in prayer and meditation may enter for individual centering and reflection in a quiet, sacred space each day, unless a special program is taking place in the chapel. 


Thank You for your regular financial contributions to our community! 
~ We deeply appreciate your regular and generous financial support of our community. Thanks to your giving, we are able to “stay positive” while allowing money to flow through our community, touching many lives. If you are unable to attend a Sunday service, or want to give to the Heartland at any time, you can donate online using Online Giving link above