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This page is dedicated to the artists within our community that have shared their talents with all of us. We will have a rotating set of works that we will display on the wall that members and visitors will see as soon as they enter our church home.

Silent Collage - Cheryl Young




About the artist 

The Silent Collage Experience 
When Cheryl Young created Silent Collage in 2002, she was influenced by the years she had spent attending silent Insight Meditation, or Vipassana, retreats. Silent Collage was born out of her desire of doing the process by herself after a retreat, seeing the benefit, and wanting to share the experience with others.

Her intention is to provide a sacred space for quiet self-reflection through collage-making and to further self-exploration and self-healing. 

The Artist statement:

So what then is Silent Collage? In simple terms, it’s an experiential process art workshop, using collage making and meditation as its base. But in more complex terms, the process runs much deeper and works you as you work it. It’s an inner exploration of “you” in the present moment. It's about being open to, and allowing of, the silence as it works through you. It's about what you see and feel and experience in your mind, body, spirit and shadow as you create. It's about what textures you're drawn to, what colors, shapes, images call to you, what you cut away, add, fold or cover up. It's about the flow of intention as you connect with the co-creative energy of the group creating together. Making collages allows you to touch, feel and access your inner world in a deep way. Ultimately, it is an exploration of self: “who am I” in this moment?

Mike Oberg 


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About the artist

Mike Oberg is a retired engineer who is now sharing his love of nature through his photography. He photographs flowers and scenic landscapes throughout the world and invites you to travel with him via his images. You can see more of his work at: 500px.com/mikeoberg 

The artist's statement 
I started taking pictures of family vacations to national parks and other scenic areas many years ago. I began taking 35mm photos with a vintage Leica M camera in 1976. After using several point-and-shoot digital cameras, I currently shoot a Canon Rebel T2i. I use three lens -- an 18-55mm wide angle, 50-250mm telephoto, and a 100mm macro -- and a UV filter I have read several books and magazines on photography, to add to my own experience. I use Photoshop and other photo editing programs, but the purpose is always to best present the wonder and glory of Mother Nature. 

Although my entry into commercial photography is recent, I have collected and studied the prints of other photographers for years and my home is full of art of all media. My ideas on composition and use of color have been informed by this collection. I occasionally use black and white, to emphasize texture or form, but my real passion is for the amazing color that nature has to offer. 


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