Sunday Lesson

September 17 – “Left-Right-Left-Right” by Rev Jackie
Affirmation: I am in step with the beat of my inner drummer.  
September 10th – “For Everything there is a Season” by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: I am attuned to the seasons of my life; and I am at peace.
August 20th – “The Choice: Yes, I will" by Rev. Jackie
  Affirmation: “I choose yes; I will!”
August 6th - “Who’s Will, is it?” by Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
Affirmation:  "I use Will to choose to live from my Divine Identity."
July 30th - "I Can See Clearly Now" by Rev Jackie
Affirmation: “I can see clearly now; I create my life from my inner source of understanding.”
July, 23 "I've Got it" by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: " I understand who I am...I am Peace, Joy, Love"