Sacred Service

Sacred service is not about 'helping out'.

It is asking yourself what brings you joy, what your gifts are and finding a place where you can express them that might bless others.

Take a moment to reflect on what makes you smile.   Maybe being with children, or you love to get organized, or like to socialize and welcome people.

Whatever that is, we would love to have you share those gifts with our community. 

There are many ways you can be in sacred service:



♥ Be on the Greeter, Usher, Ambassador (GUA) Team!
♥ Youth Program Support
♥ AV support (led by Larry Young)
♥ Live Flowers at the Heartland
For more information on a team please visit with them before or after the service to let us know your interest and we'd be glad to tell you more!
Together we make this a spiritual home!