Our Vision:
We are a vibrant, expansive and joyful spiritual community committed to increasing the global expression of love.

Our Mission:

Increasing the global expression of love. 

Our Values:

LOVE:  Love is kindness, compassion, and what we are. 
ACCEPTANCE: We are one. Awareness of our unity naturally leads us to love, accept and respect everyone for who and what they are. 
WISDOM: Knowing what we are, we see wholeness, abundance, perfection, and an ever-present access to divine guidance. Our prayers and other spiritual practices center us in this knowing. 
INTEGRITY: We live from the truth that we know. We also embrace spiritual practices that increase our awareness of wholeness. 
SERVICE: We recognize that serving others, within our community and beyond, is a dynamic expression of the Love that we are. 
GRATITUDE: We live with great-full hearts in awareness that everything is for us.