From Rev. Jackie
“Living Our Dreams in 2017!” was the theme we shared at the beginning of this momentous year at Unity of the Heartland. From the start of the year, we dreamed of creating and living many new experiences together; and we did. In this final installment of “From Rev. Jackie” for the year, I am pausing to highlight some of the dreams we created for ourselves, and supported others in living theirs this year.
  • January began a full year of study of the Twelve Powers of Humankind
  • January wedding of Kelly Potter to Clinton Schell
  • February launch of social media friendly Heartland Happenings
  • 2017 Season for Peace and Nonviolence work with SafeHome (Survivors of Domestic Violence)
  • June launch of our new website and Facebook page!!
  • Children’s book launch and reading by author, Marc Boston
  • Pillows for Homeless Children drive
  • Pirates & Parrots for Halloween for Heartland and community youth!
  • New cub scout pack at the Heartland in October!
These are only a few of the many experiences we created from the dreams we brought forth this year. Going forward we can experience even more – more “peace and joy and health and plenty and opportunity for greater development” said Unity co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, in How to Let God Help You. But in order to do so, we are required to release and let them go, and align with the changeless truth of our being.

Let us learn from our experiences, not be held back by them. In living and learning from our experiences, we can journey from good to great. This is our journey in gaining more of what we are here to be.

My invitation to everyone this week as we move into a new year is to release and let go what has been, including the good, so that there is more room to achieve our highest potential, and align with our deepest spiritual knowing.

Namaste and Happy New Year!

Unity of the Heartland Closing Update


After more than fourteen years of operation, the congregation of Unity of the Heartland has made the decision to close its doors as a spiritual community after Sunday services on December 31, 2017.
At a special meeting following Sunday services on December 17th, the Leadership Council asked for a vote from the members as to the future of the Heartland. The simple majority vote was to close all operations.
Since then, conversations have been held with Unity Worldwide Ministries, and they have provided a procedure for closing operations. In the best interests of all involved, it has been determined that there will be no further Sunday services at the Heartland after the Release Ceremony on Sunday, December 31st
As the Senior minister of Unity of the Heartland for the past three years, it has been my pleasure to serve this community.  Thank you to all who have been a part of this community; staff, volunteers, and the general congregation. There has been tremendous spiritual growth over these years. We have touched many lives deeply, and have made lasting uplifting impressions on those even beyond our community of love.
May you all continue to be in the flow of knowing that within you lies an abundance of light, strength, wisdom, imagination, faith, love, understanding, willingness, power, zeal, order, and life in all situations. Embrace your power!
In Faith, Love, Light and Peace,
Rev. Jackie