Youth & Family

Heartland Youth and Family Ministry

An affirming environment that fosters positive self image, personal responsibility, unconditional love and acceptance.  

Unity of the Heartland's mission is “Increasing the global expression of Love” which is the foundation of all lessons and ways of being.

Our intention is to have fun and plant the seeds for continuing spiritual growth.


The Youth in 2017 will be introduced to the Twelve Powers 
January - Faith                February - Strength            March - Wisdom             April - Love            
May - Dominion                 June - Imagination         July - Understanding       August - Will         
September - Order        October - Zeal               November - Elimination      December - Life

If you have any questions, want to assist with our children's programs, or would like to suggest an activity or a group opportunity, please contact us.     

boy & dragonfly                          Unity provides a strong spiritual foundation for children's lives.

 Beholds all children as whole and perfect expressions of God

              Empowers children to fulfill their divine potential

             ♥ Teaches children to meditate and pray

              Invites children to experience a loving God